BELVEDERE ITALIANO studies the potential of the property by increasing the value and marketing of your assets to help you achieve your goals in a timely manner.

Any foreign client deciding to place his property in the “property management by Belvedere Italiano” circuit, will see his investment taken care of with professionalism and care.
Our clients – mostly from abroad – do not have time to take care of their properties.
Property management is an integrated service involving the active and dynamic management of real estate investments, with the aim of enhancing the value of these assets.

The objective is to maximise profitability through precise cost control, and improvement of the technical maintenance level, all in accordance with the client’s real estate investment strategy.

Belvedere Italiano will be responsible for the coordination and control of all contractual activities, and will take care of acquiring a complete overview of the real estate assets and the objectives to be achieved as well as coordinating the overall phases of the service.

All properties have a value, but only well managed ones pay off.


    Qualitative and/or quantitative transformation and/or use of a property.
    Belvedere Italiano supports the buyer in the economic-financial dealings relevant to the motivations and objectives of the transaction.

    It analyses in detail all aspects of physical, administrative, fiscal, environmental, urban planning, regulatory, producing all the concrete elements to support the investor and the asset.


    Physical and/or administrative and technical activities aimed at adapting the property as regards technical and/or conservation and/or commercial aspects.


    Belvedere Italiano carries out all the activities necessary and relevant to the existence of the property and its use.

    It handles the administrative and technical management of assets, including commercial, accounting and contractual relations with users, service providers and works.

    It takes care of all accounting and fiscal aspects.

    It monitors all the matters under its responsibility.
    It guarantees the maintenance of efficiency and usability of the building and the installations for the purposes of profitability and value preservation.

    It monitors and certifies the operational services provided by suppliers.

Building Management

In the interest of the owner of the property, BELVEDERE ITALIANO preserves the value of the property through technical interventions that ensure the continuity of technological performance and the ability to be a source of income through leasing.
Belvedere Italiano is responsible for safeguarding the building from the material point of view (structures and installations) regardless of its state of use and occupation.

Technical-operational management of the asset, always and in any case with a view to preserving the asset, its value and what it contains according to the client’s instructions.

Belvedere Italiano is the guarantor of continuous, reliable and optimal operation and usability of real estate structures as the main productive factor for the Real Estate Investor.

Active and dynamic management

BELVEDERE ITALIANO sees with its clients’ eyes, understands their needs and shares their objectives.

It deals with the economic, administrative and technical management of real estate assets as essential elements for ensuring profitability and for the planning of all activities for the instigation of enhancement processes:

  • 1Taking charge of the real estate portfolio (documentary, economic, technical);
  • 2 Administrative management (where we mean the management of the leases and all the activities connected to them, relations with the tenants, management of common parts if in condominium, risk management);
  • 3Accounting management (asset, liability, recovery, balance sheet, tax);
  • 4Technical management (in collaboration with Building Management), maintenance plans, plant efficiency;
  • 5Profitability through the governance of the inputs of the real estate investment;
  • 6Management of obligations connected with the legal, administrative and fiscal system in force;
  • 7Income generation against the needs of the operation and use of the asset itself, ensuring the value of the asset;
  • 8Transferability of the asset through proper management of the documental equipment of each property.

Facility Management

BELVEDERE ITALIANO offers a variety of services, processes and activities aimed at buildings, spaces and people, which are not part of the primary activities, but necessary for operational purposes.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, environmental cleanliness and hygiene, hospitality, mail services, security, coordination of the staff in charge of services, taking into account budget constraints.

BELVEDERE ITALIANO analyses the client’s needs and plans the management of resources (expense forecast and cost allocation).

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