Buyer Agent

BELVEDERE ITALIANO supports its foreign clients in the acquisition and management of commercial and residential assets in Italy by controlling every existing or potential negotiation, including the related costs.

Teams of professionals, specifically selected for and introduced into the individual management projects, will participate in the search for the desired property, providing assistance during negotiations with the seller, guaranteeing the investor with solutions safe from any form of risk.

BELVEDERE ITALIANO will take care of deepening, planning, and regularising investments, and viewing cadastral, building and urban planning documentation, i.e. all the necessary steps to acquire on the Italian market properties with outlined and certified features.

BELVEDERE ITALIANO optimises real estate investments and allows its customers to reach the acquisition in a short time with extreme satisfaction and peace of mind.

Real estate, in its traditional conception, in Italy is synonymous with stability, an investment whose main purpose is to preserve the value of the invested capital, protecting it from financial fluctuations, primarily devaluation.

BELVEDERE ITALIANO represents a reference point to which you can entrust the resolution of specific problems, as well as the realisation of certain projects.

  • Property search
  • Property valuation and best purchase price
  • Safe investment
  • Professionalism
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