With highly qualified multilingual staff, we accompany our clients through the acquisition, sale or rental of their property, supporting them throughout the entire negotiation process, from market research to real estate consulting, from marketing to finalisation.

We are committed to meeting different needs and to find the most appropriate solution through a selected real estate offer.

We carry out activities aimed at promoting foreign investments in Italy and assisting buyers in the bureaucratic process for their stay in Italy.
We stand by the tenets of tailor-made real estate advice, privacy and exclusivity.

Belvedere Italiano studies the real situation of real estate from a technical, administrative and legal point of view, through a documentary assessment and a physical survey carried out in a professional manner, in support of a process of acquisition, disposal, management or enhancement.

An indispensable prerequisite for any initiative in the real estate sector.

Starting from the de facto documentary and physical situation, which will have been analysed in detail, this activity makes it possible to highlight shortcomings and non-conformities, be they documentary, physical or non-compliance between the two aspects, in relation to regulations (building, urban planning, tax or more generally legal) and the destination of the asset and, through a subsequent process, to assess the need for adjustment and regularisation.

  • 1 Due diligence
  • 2 Multilingual team
  • 3 Financial solutions
  • 4 Feasibility, design,
    construction, purchase.


Set of technical-specialist activities aimed at the comprehensive development of a project and the methods of planning and control of the concrete realisation of the real estate purchase project. Belvedere Italiano guarantees the consistency of the investment, from an economic and financial point of view.


Analysis aimed at verifying whether a project, or any initiative, is feasible and what the economic and financial viability is.


Physical construction of the property, from an executive project to the actual usability of the property.
Belvedere Italiano controls the development and progression of times and costs, taking the necessary decisions to comply with the project under construction, taking care of the aspects that will have an impact on the administrative and operational management of the property, while verifying the possible impacts of a fiscal nature.


Transfer of ownership of an existing property or administratively feasible project.
Belvedere Italiano provides elements of evaluation on the potential of the property to be purchased or supports the seller in formulating a request able to grasp potentialities not found by a “standard” evaluation.
Support of the buyer in the economic-financial dealings relevant to the motivations and objectives of the transaction. Analysis of all physical and documentary aspects related to the consistency of the property, building and urban planning compliance, ownership and use.
Checking the asset, estimating and carrying out all the activities necessary for the purchase.

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