Interview to the Notary Pietro Di Nardo
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Belvedere Italiano decided to interview the Notary Pietro Di Nardo - owner of a well-known Italian notary's office.

Foreigners keep choosing Italy. The demand for the purchase of a property in the country is continuing to grow in 2018 and stands at +8.38% (according to the Sole 24 ore report).

1) Transactions, agreements, foreclosures, real estate investments: in the maze of the real estate market it is easy to get lost or even find yourself in unexpected situations with no way out. In many cases, the investment in a new property or the sale of a real estate asset can turn out to be a real nightmare. How to safeguard yourself? And, above all, how to prevent any problems that might arise along the way?

In such a complex field, issues can also arise in the course of negotiations. The specialization in real estate legislation allows, on the other hand, to have the legal and technical knowledge to deal with every situation in an effective way. The real estate market is constantly evolving and relying on experts in the field has become essential for the success of a deal or a real estate transaction.

2) Why is it important to engage a team of experts in real estate transactions?

A deep and comprehensive knowledge of a specific field is always an added value for consulting and customer assistance. A team of experts in this area can provide a highly skilled and reliable support to their clients, not only helping them to avoid problems, but above all to prevent others.

3) Why Italy represents the safest place for real estate investments?

In Italy, sales transactions are delegated to the Notary. The Notary is, in our country, a public officer, i.e. he performs a public function recognized by the Italian State. The Notary performs his function diligently - he interprets the will of the parties and adapts it to the law - contributing to limit litigation in Court. In Italy, thanks to the establishment of the figure of the Notary, there is the lowest percentage of real estate litigation in Europe and real estate investments are guaranteed because each property is specifically designated with the indication of its exact type, the city in which it is located, as well as the cadastral identification data and the title deed - issued by the Notary - certifies the real ownership of the right of the property.

4) What advice would you give to a foreigner who wants to invest in Italy

To trust in expert and skilled specialists in the real estate business. In a constantly evolving market, characterized by an increasingly wide and complex legislative regulations, it is absolutely advisable to turn to qualified specialists, not only in order to establish a correct approach to the negotiations, but above all because the success of the negotiation is ensured by avoiding the risk of reckless purchases or administrative penalties.

The foreign client needs to be guided in the purchase, the sale or the lease of their property, in a comprehensive process of trading, from market research to real estate consulting, from the placing on the market to the finalization of the transaction.

5) Why would you suggest a foreign client to rely on a buyer agent and a property management company?

A buyer agent supports its foreign clients in the purchase and the managing of real estate assets by checking every existing or potential negotiation, containing the related costs and allowing its clients to achieve the purchase in a short time with fulfillment.
Property management, on the other hand, studies the property's potential by increasing its value and profitability, improving costs, taking care of all the legal, accounting, administrative and fiscal aspects. The foreign client, doesn't have time to take care of his own properties. Property management is an integrated service of active and dynamic management of real estate investments, with the aim of enhancing the value of assets. A foreign client who wants to invest in Italy expects reliability and transparency.
Belvedere italiano is the ideal choice because it has all the competences to ensure to foreign customers a careful, correct and highly qualified management service.


Belvedere Italiano would like to thanks the Notary Pietro Di Nardo for the interview

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