Interview to the Architect Salvatore Di Vaia
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Belvedere Italiano decided to interview the Architect Salvatore Di Vaia - owner of a well-known Italian architecture firm.

Foreigners continue to choose Italy for real estate investments. Belvedere Italiano examines the effective situation of real estate from a technical, administrative and legal point of view, through an assessment based on documentation and a physical survey carried out in a professional approach, in order to support a process of purchase, divestment, management and enhancement.

1) In what does your consulting activity for Belvedere Italiano consist of?

Once the documental part concerning the property has been acquired, it is checked and analysed in order to identify structural deficiencies or differences in urban planning with regard to the regulations in force in the territory in which you want to operate. Afterwards, it is possible to proceed with the activities of adaptation and regularization of the asset itself, if necessary.

2) Why is it important to consult a team of experts in real estate transactions?

The extensive and complete knowledge of the various technical-legal aspects in the real estate field represents an essential element for the possibility to transfer the property and always gives an added value to the customer's satisfaction.
Professional customer care not only contributes to avoid problems, but above all it helps to prevent further ones.

3) Why do foreign customers choose Belvedere Italiano for their investments and, specifically, what is Your usual work activity?

A foreign client who wants to invest in Italy is looking for: expertise, reliability and transparency. After many years of activity, I believe that Belvedere Italiano is a guarantee of competence and experience. Belvedere Italiano has all the skills to ensure foreign clients a highly qualified, correct and careful management of the property.
My activity, carried out on behalf of Belvedere Italiano, consists in "planning" - "feasibility" and "execution": processes oriented to the development of projects, methods of planning and monitoring up to the effective use of the asset.
I study in depth, plan and manage investments, and also check cadastral, building and urban planning documentation. Belvedere Italiano is focused in implementing all the necessary steps to make sure that the client acquires properties on the Italian market with specific and certified characteristics.


Belvedere Italiano would like to thanks the Architect Salvatore Di Vaia for the interview

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