Interview to Ms. Marina Guidotti
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Belvedere Italiano decided to interview Ms. Marina Guidotti - interpreter of Belvedere Italiano.

Customers who choose Belvedere Italiano, can count on a highly qualified multilingual staff.

1) What is your consulting activity for Belvedere Italiano?

I am part of a team of experts, recruited and involved in the management of Belvedere Italiano.
I am an English mother tongue and, together with other colleagues, I deal with incoming foreign clients in Italy.

2) Why do foreign customers choose Belvedere Italiano for their investments?

Belvedere Italiano offers a variety of services, processes and activities to facilitate the customer's experience in buying and selling real estate by assisting them in every aspect of the transaction.
We analyze the client's needs and we plan how to manage resources (expense forecast and cost allocation).


Belvedere Italiano would like to thanks Ms. Marina Guidotti for the interview.

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