Interview to Mr. Fabio Esposito
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Belvedere Italiano decided to interview Mr. Fabio Esposito - owner of a well-known firm based in Naples and Rome called "Gelex".

Italy is a popular touristic destination and often foreigners decide to invest in real estate.

In Italy, thanks to the establishment of the figure of the Notary, there is the lowest percentage of real estate litigation in Europe. Real estate investments are certain because each property is specifically identified and, at each purchase, the Notary - who acts as a public official - issues special documentation proving the real ownership of the building.

1) Why, in your opinion, is it important to take care of the legal aspects before buying a property in Italy?

It is a very complex operation since it requires various procedural steps; it is recommended to be assisted by professionals in the sector on technical and legal issues, in order to detect any violations of the legislation in force on the matter.

2) Why in real estate transactions is it necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject?

In order to overcome possible obstacles in the transaction and bring the deal to a successful conclusion.

3) Why should foreign customers choose Belvedere Italiano for their investments?

Belvedere Italiano supports the client in all phases of the real estate project with extraordinary effectiveness, efficiency and care. It is able to evaluate the properties for their actual value and to manage even the most complex negotiations with competence, expertise and extreme dedication until the conclusion of the deal, this is why Belvedere italiano manages the most beautiful and prestigious properties of this city!!


Belvedere Italiano would like to thanks the Lawyer Fabio Esposito for the interview

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