Interview to Mr. Achille Salzano
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Belvedere Italiano decided to interview Mr. Achille Salzano - owner of a well-known Italian real estate agency.

Foreigners continue to choose Italy for real estate investments. Belvedere Italiano is constantly looking for properties in Italy to meet the needs of its customers.

1) In what does your consulting activity for Belvedere Italiano consist of?

We are a team of qualified experts, recruited and involved in the management of Belvedere Italiano. Based on the customer's needs we research the properties that can meet the needs of the customer. We inform our clients about each property viewed and we make the actual economic and commercial evaluation of the asset.

2) Why is it important to consult a team of experts in real estate transactions?

Having a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the Italian real estate market and identifying the real value of each property is always an added value for the client.

3) Why do foreign customers choose Belvedere Italiano for their investments and, specifically, what is Your usual work activity?

Belvedere Italiano has been improving its clients' real estate investments for years now.


Belvedere Italiano would like to thanks Mr. Achille Salzano for the interview

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