Interview to Marco Del Prete, Belvedere Italiano CEO
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Belvedere Italiano decided to interview its CEO Marco Del Prete, owner of a well-known Italian law firm with a passion for real estate law and construction, a passion that seems almost written in his DNA.

Foreigners continue to choose Italy not only as a tourist destination but above all for their own real estate investments.

1) Why is it important to consult an expert in real estate transactions?

Like in the medical profession, where we find specialists, we also have this distinction in jurisprudence today. Certainly, we can say that there are advantages for customers who will be supported by a qualified specialist in that particular area of expertise able to satisfy the customer's needs.

2) Why is it important to consult a team of specialists in real estate transactions?

Today, the winning strategy is to establish a partnership between professionals in order to offer a better and more competitive service. In fact, the tendency is to not work alone, but to make use of the expertise of other colleagues specialized in different fields in order to integrate various skills and respond to a wide variety of customer needs. The most remarkable thing, therefore, is that you can always count on qualified and skilled people, and that you do not have to wait for an answer, an opinion, an advice. Experts and multilingual staff - recruited and included in the management of Belvedere Italiano - work as part of a team allowing the provision of a service that can cover many areas and therefore can provide its customers more guarantees in order to achieve the established goals. 
Belvedere Italiano guarantees a complete and effective service, in order to protect and ensure the respect of the interests of foreign customers who want to invest in Italy.
An in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of a specific business area is always an added value for the customer's consulting and assistance.

3) Why should investing in Italy?

Real estate, in its traditional conception, in Italy is considered a synonym of stability, an investment whose main purpose is to preserve the value of the asset invested, protecting it from financial fluctuations, especially those of devaluation.

4) Which is the activity of Belvedere Italiano?

Belvedere Italiano supports its foreign clients in the purchase and maintenance of commercial and residential assets in Italy by monitoring every existing or potential negotiation, while minimizing the related costs.
The company focuses on analysing, planning, regularising investments, optimising real estate investments and allowing its clients to reach the acquisition in a short time with extreme satisfaction and tranquillity.
We are committed to satisfy the different needs and to identify the most suitable solution through a selected real estate offer.
We carry out activities with the aim of promoting foreign investments in Italy and assisting buyers in the administrative process required for their stay in Italy.
We provide customized real estate consultancy, privacy and exclusivity.
Foreign clients who decide to include their property in the "Property Management by Belvedere Italiano” network will see their investment managed with great professionalism and protection.
Our clients - mainly foreigners - do not have time to take care of their own properties.

5) What advice would you give to a foreigner who wants to invest in Italy?

Trust in experienced and specialized professionals in the real estate sector. Belvedere Italiano is the only Italian brand that has in its Team a Notary in charge, a public official who exercises a public function recognized by the Italian State, which provides constant assistance to all our real estate transactions.

6) Would you like to say one last remark?

All properties have a value, but only the ones well managed give a return on investment.
Belvedere Italiano is able to understand the customer's needs and share their aims.


Belvedere Italiano would like to thanks the CEO Marco Del Prete for the interview

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